This section is dedicated to news regarding curious and the extravagant world of leather and hide, for example the most strangest and bizarre techniques. The most unusual and extravagant work

How to create objects with leather and hide

A description on how cutting and sewing, our experts have produced some of their most interesting creations.

The paper model - The importance of planning

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Thanks to Alessandro Vattimo that in this article illustrates his technique to make a paper model of our handmade article .
Because we have to design, before creating!

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How to make a case in hide

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In this photo sequence, our friend Stefano Trentini will show us, step by step, how to create your beautiful case in hide.
Have fun creating!!!

fodero ultimato




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How to make a mask in hide

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To make a mask in hide is a job, that requires skill, time and patience.
The hide workers thanks to their mastery and experience, are able to shape the hide, giving it a face that will be of the selected mask.
What are the procedures that the hide masters follow to make these masterpieces?
To know more on how to make a mask in hide, continue reading our article or look at the video on our youtube channel.

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How to make a clock in hide

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Want a clock in hide?
Would you like to make a unique gift?
Today we will help you make your handcrafted clock.

Customize the way of looking at the time, follow the processing steps and say hello to your clock in hide.

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Bearer made in hide

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The bearer is generally a metal stand, to hold the banner of the institution on official occasions, but not always, reflects the appearance of the normal flag-bearer. In our case, in fact, the bearer will be in hide and will have a form of a tube.

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Tutorial: how to create a leater/hide camera case

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Colourful, resistant, unique and original like your photos!
Find out how to make your leather/hide camera case!

Consult the video on our you tube channel. GOOD VISION!


How to cut the hide

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Cutting the hide it’s not simple or immediate.
It’s not easy, especially for the untrained, to handle the cutter and make a net and precise cut, because the blade knife tends to move, not ensuring a net clean cut.

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