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How to cut the hide

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Cutting the hide it’s not simple or immediate.
It’s not easy, especially for the untrained, to handle the cutter and make a net and precise cut, because the blade knife tends to move, not ensuring a net clean cut.

The first advice, especially for beginners, is to help oneself with a cardboard cut out:
1 -   prepare a cardboard model, which is similar to the piece of hide that you wish to cut;
2 -   you must draw the outline with a pencil, on the right side of the hide;
3 -   follow the trace made with the tracing pencil with the awl, by pressing slightly, to create a thin incision, but deep enough.
4 -   After, along the lines drawn by the awl you must go over it with the cutter and proceed with cutting.

You must remember that a very thick piece of hide, it’s not easy to cut at the first cut, so you must scratch each time, repeating the incisions, until it is chopped off completely.
To obtain a good result, you must be firm and decisive, or else the edge of the hide sheet will not be straight but fragmented and inaccurate.
In the making of any leather object; The cut is important because if it’s done properly, it will give the creation, completeness and quality.
With the help of a hard or of a working table which you can lay the hide on, or to be able to use a steel ruler, or a square cutter, it could help to make a net-cut.
This instrument consists of two graduated bars, which run through a grip and drive you to the cutting of the hide. For the cutting of curves or circular forms, the piece of hide must turn very slowly: with one hand you hold the piece of hide and with the other you cut.

The hide masters, recommend to tear the hide following the natural grain of each sheet, avoiding wasting the hide and at the same time giving greater naturalness and homogeneity.

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If instead we have a light weight hide with very thin thickness, for movement cutting eg. curves, irregular lines, you can use instruments like toothed scissors for hide.

The instruments used for hand cutting the hide are:

What has been described up to now, is the classic hand-cut hide.
For mass production, in the workshops are used various instruments:

-    Hand-punch, that permits to make a precise net-cut.
This instrument it differs, depending on the type of work you must do to make an object.

-   Cutting machines, which allow to speed up and optimize the processing times and production, at the same time you will have a precise cut and equal for all the pieces
They are machines that are used mainly for mass production of objects in hide.