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How to make a purse in hide

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We chose to share on our blog, an interesting tutorial on the creation of a bag in hide with the closure in bone.

Imagine not seeing the creation of an object in hide, it could be misleading, especially, for who would like to enter in this world.

The tutorial is guide to lead you to the creating of a bag in hide.

In the video, the construction phase of the object in hide, it’s divided in four main phases:

  1. Drawing the pattern on the hide sheet using a cardboard model;
  2. Cutting the hide, using instruments like scissors and cutter;
  3. Make holes in the hide sheet with a hand punch;
  4. Sew by hand with hide thread to put together the bag in hide.

The video has been made by our friend craftsman Daniele Giannotti (member of our facebook group “lavorazione artigianale pelle e cuoio”) He wants to teach us in a simple film, the steps of making a handmade bag in hide.

Di seguito il link del tutorial:  https://youtu.be/iWkoSGSZj_I