Recommended books to understand and explore handcrafted leather

Recommended books

Some books, and magazines dedicated to leather and hide and their craftsmanship.



"Footwear Techniques" by Francesetti

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La Tecnica della Calzatura per conoscere tutti gli utensili da lavoro, la loro esatta terminologia e il relativo impiego.

 Would you like know all the working tools, their exact terminology and their use?
Francesetti suggests a journey in the footwear world where you can confirm your knowings and/or to enrich them to improve your art work!
The footwear techniques illustrates us with design and exact descriptions, some of the tools used for your profession!







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"The collection by Al Stohlman"

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 Following a collection of books by AL STOHLMAN, leather craft pioneer.


Coloring Leather

Come colorare il cuoio, lavorazione artigianale

A guide regarding colouring leather and hide. In the book are described, detailed techniques to the base, various ways of colouring, the brushing technique and of shadowing. The book contains over 90 illustrations step-by-step, coloured pictures, mixing graphics for the colour wheel. A simple and complete English language guide to colour your handcrafted creations of leather or hide.






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We suggest another interesting publication regarding, working with hide techniques. Following, the description of some passages, for us important, which you will find in the “THE HIDE” by Maria Teresa LIadò, the Riba and Eva Pascual the Mirò, editor. THE CASTLE 2007, 160 p.

Copertina del libro "IL CUOIO"

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"Hand made men's shoes " by Laszlò Vass & Magda Molnàr

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"Hand made man's shoes"
by Laszlò Vass & Magda Molnàr.

Copertina libro: "Scarpe da uomo fatte a mano"

The book reveals the secrets of the trade ; from the measuring to the finishing touch, up to the final result. All this is accompanied by numerous images and photos, from interesting pages full of curiosity in which it goes from the foot anatomy, to the quality of the wood to make the forms, after passing to analysis of the shoe as of fashion object up to the detailed story of the various steps of working the leather.



Recommended books

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Copertina"Lavorazione e creazione di oggetti in cuoio e pelle""Processing and creations of hide and leather products"  
by Barbara Songia, De Vecchi editore

A taste of the art of treating and shaping leather. Pages that tell us the evolution of the working methods, about the different and various uses of leather that has become a social perception, of the work of tanners and leather modellers. From the slave work to the formation of corporations in the Middle ages.

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