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Russian hide

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Russian hide.
The Russian hide, originating in Russia from a Russian districts known as KAZAN and ASTRAKAN, it was tanned with a secret mix of tannins,  which it can be recognised by the birch wood, that releases its particular oil, that gave the product a unique and characteristic odour. Its production, with  great sorrow, from all the European Nobilities,  broke up forever, during the Russian revolution in 1917.

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Hide and Leather are grown in labs: the new material frontier?

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In the last few years the request for biological and ecological fabrics for wardrobe and accessories it has grown. New materials as biological cotton, synthetics fibres are recycled from garbage or plastic, they are gradually taking off.

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Materials: various types of Leather and Hide

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Cow hide

This type of hide(leather) may be used to make small leather goods. The thickness varies from 0.9 to 8 mm, depending on what its used for.The characteristic element is  the smell, week but unmistakable, at first the color is light and then with time it becomes darker.


This leather is used mostly for bags and briefcases, belts and other objects that require hard leather.
The thickness may be between 3 and 7 mm and its available in different colors and different textures or schemes.


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Before the waxed strings, shoemakers used pitch to make the thread they were using to sew shoe soles more compact, waterproof and less likely to wearout.

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