Materials: various types of Leather and Hide

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Cow hide

This type of hide(leather) may be used to make small leather goods. The thickness varies from 0.9 to 8 mm, depending on what its used for.The characteristic element is  the smell, week but unmistakable, at first the color is light and then with time it becomes darker.


This leather is used mostly for bags and briefcases, belts and other objects that require hard leather.
The thickness may be between 3 and 7 mm and its available in different colors and different textures or schemes.


spalle di cuoio
Spalle di cuoio volanato colorate


Hide rind 

Crosta di cuoioObtained by the division of two parts, cutting along between the leather sheet creating two sheets.
The “rind” is the leather on the side of the meat, while “flower” is the leather on the side of the animal where there is hair.




One of the most precious leather is suede.
Suede leather is a result of a complex and articulated processing.
Necessary to work the rind/crust of the leather with direct scraping and after it is subject to oxidation tanning of fish oils and a lot of physical strength.
Suede leather, especially suede rind, is mostly used for wardrobe and footwear. Suede footwear like ankle boots, clarks and tod’s , they need periodic care to revive the hide or to change colour, using specific products such as shampoos and detergents.

Coltello in cuoio con intarsio in pelle di razza
Pelle di capra e capretto scamosciata


Eel leatherCintura in Pelle di Anguilla

Eel  is a very delicate leather, but very resistant. Its natural brightness and elegance, makes this leather one of the most used materials for the creation of high fashion. The small pieces of leather are sewn one next to the other to obtain a large piece, so you can cut out what you desire.
Example, to make a belt is used the patchwork  technique, put together with other materials, example with leather or bovine hide.

  Cintura in Pelle di Anguilla

Python leather

Pelle di Pitone

Python leather is a very well known material for wardrobes and high fashion. The beauty  of this leather is its uniqueness:  Every leather is different, as the insertion of squamas remains the same. The scales that rise seem delicate and fragile  but actually it’s a very durable “leather”.
Python leather it’s easy to work with and because of this it can be adapted to the creation of many products, for example belts, key chains, and other accessories, up to the smallest leather goods.


Anaconda leather

Cintura in Pelle di Anaconda

Anaconda leather is one of the most  prestigious leathers.
This leather, unique and original, it’s distinguished by one side for its softness and flexibility, on the other for its sturdiness and resistance.
The squamas of the anaconda have very regular forms and all of the same size, that create a neat surface with interesting geometric games. This leather is mostly used for, no doubt  high quality leather.





Breed leather

Portachiavi in pelle di razza e cuoio

The breed leather, also called galuchat, known and used since the 700. It is a leather particularly delicate to work with for its naturally pearled grain. In some cases it may be subjected to smoothing to bring out all its shine.
This leather, also has a high resistance in time.
The galuchat is the revolutionary leather in the last decade and working it, gives life to unique and interesting, creations, like the one of the master Francesco Nova that with his able hands made key chains in hide and in the middle using breed leather (see photo) and a case in hide with inlay of breed leather. Thin and at the same time strong, this leather has a vast selection; the main one is leather goods, footwear sector and interior furnishings.

 Coltello in cuoio con intarsio in pelle di razza

Crocodile leather

Pelle di Coccodrillo

Synonym of wealth, crocodile leather is one of the most finest leathers that the world of leather goods includes in its catalogue.
The stomach of the reptile is the more precious part that usually together with the hip parts, is used to make the most refined creations.
The real crocodile leather  for its squamas nature, it requires ,just  for the holing specific tools, like special needles for the sewing machine.
Bags, purses, belts, document holder, key chains, watch straps and various accessories are examples of articles that can be made with this leather.
In order that real crocodile objects remain perfect and beautiful, it is advisable to use specific products for the cleaning of  exotic leather that are available on the market.

Turtle leather

pelle tartaruga, esotica, specie acquatica

The elegant turtle leather, is one of the aquatic species, the perfect union of classic and trendy style, material  sought to ensure the long lasting refinement of its quality.







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