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Colouring procedures of hide

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Certainly the oldest profession in the world is the craftsman!

Today our master will show us step by step the colouring procedures of hide and some useful tricks for an excellent result.

Enjoy the video and good luck ;)


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How to darken the hide with natural methods

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Most craftsmen to darken the hide not always use chemical methods.
Our friend Stefano Yogendra Bizzotto, he reveals to us a little trick/technique he has used.


  • In a half litre of vinegar put to soak for about twenty days and with thirty rusted nails;
  • After the twenty days, filter it all;
  • After that go over the hide 3 times with vegetable tanning;
  • After the hide is dry, pass over it with water and baking soda, to block the action of the acid and vinegar;
  • When it is completely dry, oil well with saddle oil.

Water & hide

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How to waterproof a water bottle in hide?

Used since ancient times, with the name of otre (wineskin) it was the cheapest container, light weight, small size and unbreakable.
Usually made in leather and hide, in 1860 it was introduced in wood, and from 1912 in aluminium.
In time, a friend for the cyclists that filled up, emptied, grasped, thrown away and a lot of times passed over to the rival, today it’s become an accessory from sports people, to the tourists who more has more puts.
Did you ever ask yourself how water bottles are made in a way to be water proof?
Following, we’ll try to understand how to make a water bottle, made in hide water proof, like the one you can see in the above photo made by Katja Zaccheo.

To help us there are suggestions from the experts in this sector on our facebook group “Lavorazione Artigianale Pelle e Cuoio”.

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