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Colouring procedures of hide

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Certainly the oldest profession in the world is the craftsman!

Today our master will show us step by step the colouring procedures of hide and some useful tricks for an excellent result.

Enjoy the video and good luck ;)


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Decorate the Hide: The Carving

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It's a decoration technique of hide consisting of engraving decorative motifs by an adjustable revolving knife,
a kit of graver to create the desired shapes through particular hammers.
On our You Tube channel you can watch come realizzare il tuo “bassorilievo” in cuoio. (How to create your relief in Hide).
Following we suggest you some drawings that you could enjoy ;)

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Russian hide

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Russian hide.
The Russian hide, originating in Russia from a Russian districts known as KAZAN and ASTRAKAN, it was tanned with a secret mix of tannins,  which it can be recognised by the birch wood, that releases its particular oil, that gave the product a unique and characteristic odour. Its production, with  great sorrow, from all the European Nobilities,  broke up forever, during the Russian revolution in 1917.

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The paper model - The importance of planning

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Thanks to Alessandro Vattimo that in this article illustrates his technique to make a paper model of our handmade article .
Because we have to design, before creating!

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How to make a clock in hide

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Want a clock in hide?
Would you like to make a unique gift?
Today we will help you make your handcrafted clock.

Customize the way of looking at the time, follow the processing steps and say hello to your clock in hide.

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How to make a case in hide

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In this photo sequence, our friend Stefano Trentini will show us, step by step, how to create your beautiful case in hide.
Have fun creating!!!

fodero ultimato




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Tutorial: how to create a leater/hide camera case

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Colourful, resistant, unique and original like your photos!
Find out how to make your leather/hide camera case!

Consult the video on our you tube channel. GOOD VISION!



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