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"Footwear Techniques" by Francesetti

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La Tecnica della Calzatura per conoscere tutti gli utensili da lavoro, la loro esatta terminologia e il relativo impiego.

 Would you like know all the working tools, their exact terminology and their use?
Francesetti suggests a journey in the footwear world where you can confirm your knowings and/or to enrich them to improve your art work!
The footwear techniques illustrates us with design and exact descriptions, some of the tools used for your profession!







The Awl:

The purpose of the awl is to make a hole to follow through the seam. There are different various types and also different dimensions: curved, round, flat, in accordance with the various seams which are destinated.
The awl (fig22) that is used for upper seams of the footwear and for other small seams; its shape is straight with an acoustic tip.
The awl to sew the welt (fig23)it must be half round with well sharpened and proportioned to the string(thread).
The awl to sew the soles (fig24) it’s the same as the last, it’s different for its size .
The awl for stitches (fig25) instead, it’s flat, the purpose of it is to obtain the same and well compact stitches.


Illustrazione dei diversi tipi di lesina